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今天我们主要会谈到一下这几部分: 1.如何准备成为父母  2.通过喂养,婴儿如何建立第一个关系  3.婴儿的哭泣代表什么意思 4.如何为婴儿建立安全的环境氛围 5.父亲的角色 6.如何去倾听婴儿 7.从出生到三岁婴儿经历的一些基本阶段LEA......

密码保护:Introduction to the Work of Melanie Klein

INTRODUCTION THIS BOOK IS BASED on a series oflectures given over a number of years at the Institute of Psycho-Analysis in London. As I have repeatedly been asked by students for a transcript of the lecture notes, ......